'Esclise', included in the Mall Galleries 'Discerning Eye' exhibition, November 2014.

Alexandra Harley is a London-based sculptor working predominately with wood and stone. She exhibits regularly both in the UK and internationally and is currently the Associate Artist at Chelmsford College where she is working on a series of constructed clay sculptures.

Alexandra has been invited to take part in the first Anguilla Sculpture Symposium in November. She says: "This is a wonderful opportunity to make a piece of public sculpture alongside Jon Barlow Hudson of the US and Almuth Tebbenhoff of the UK, both fellow RBS members. As well as each of creating a sculpture on site, we shall be meeting students and the public and also giving talks and workshops. It's a great chance to discuss sculpture and the arts and share experiences. Walter Bayer has been working tirelessly to ensure that this happens and is requesting donations via FundRazr. Please see the website for more details."

She has also been selected for the Brian Mercer Award which is a three month residency attached to a bronze foundry in Pietrasanta in Italy. She will be starting work there at the beginning of February 2016, and there will be an exhibition of the work in London later in the year.

Alexandra discusses her sculpture 'Fraindre' with the Brancaster Chronicles.

Alexandra Harley runs several courses in sculpture at Morley College and the City Lit in Central London: she also offers individual tuition.

Read Alexandra Harley's full CV.

"These sculptures convey a sense of movement, animation and an expressed feeling of imbalance and unease. I am inspired by, trying to capture movement in the natural world, including the moving figure. I try to encapsulate a combination of movements rather than just a static pose. I look beneath the skin to expose the underlying movements, rather than the outer surface which masks the tensions and stresses contained within..."

Read Alexandra Harley's full statement, and see more of her sculptures.

Alex blogs at

*Member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors

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