'Esclise', included in the Mall Galleries 'Discerning Eye' exhibition, November 2014.

Alexandra Harley is a London-based sculptor whose abstract wood sculptures are lively carved constructions with a rich variety of textures; She has recently started working in stone. She trained at St Martins School of Art and Wimbledon School of Art. She has had two solo exhibitions, and has participated in numerous exhibitions, including Andy Goldsworthy and Alexandra Harley at the Gables Yard Gallery in Norfolk and Bankside Browsers at London's Tate Gallery. In 2005, she was Broadstairs 'tatters' Artist in Residence for Broadstairs Folk Week.

Alexandra discusses her sculpture 'Fraindre' with the Brancaster Chronicles.

Alexandra runs several courses in the sculpture department at City Lit in Central London where she is the Head of Sculpture: she also offers individual tuition.

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Read Alexandra Harley's full CV.

"These sculptures convey a sense of movement, animation and an expressed feeling of imbalance and unease. I am inspired by, trying to capture movement in the natural world, including the moving figure. I try to encapsulate a combination of movements rather than just a static pose. I look beneath the skin to expose the underlying movements, rather than the outer surface which masks the tensions and stresses contained within..."

Read Alexandra Harley's full statement, and see more of her sculptures.

Alex blogs at

*Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors

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