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An Excerpt from a review of my Solo exhibition by Sofia Carreira- Wham..


The headquarters of Ashurst LLP in London’s Spitalfields have been transformed, suddenly inhabited by a vast and vibrant array of sculptures that are immediately recognisable as the work of Alexandra Harley. Harley is the 2021 winner of the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize for Sculpture and this is her largest solo exhibition to date, featuring eleven artworks spanning a creative period of the last six years.

The exhibition has a personal, intimate feel that is reinforced when I learn that it has been curated by the artist herself, both in terms of the selection of artworks and their display. The pieces are installed alongside one another in a linear fashion, enabling the viewer to take in one, some or all of them in a single gaze as well as from disparate vantage points. This unusual layout facilitates a physical and contemplative journey through years and layers of Harley’s artistic practice, encouraging a non-static experience of sculptures that are themselves characterised by movement.


"Two Painters and a Sculptor" had the inaugural exhibition at the Hansard Studio during the Kensington and Chelsea Art Week

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I exhibited Birika in 'Coming up for Air', a London Group exhibition at Waterloo in 2021, that can now be viewed as a fly-though, please see the video below. The close up shot of Birika is at 00:03:02

There is an additional shorter video of 5 minutes, which you can find here:

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